Loving towards the world and willing to share emotional connection with pretty much anyone. I don’t take any shit though.
Anti media, particularly in a feminist way. Happy to be outrageously outspoken about this.
There are times when I deem it appropriate to say “Fuck” a great deal.
My mission statement really is about sharing truth and love. Personal development and a little bit of magic comes through strongly in my songs, and this is so I can help people learn about themselves and feel like it’s OK to understand their own hearts, minds and needs. Really so much of my work is about loving yourself and I’m on a never ending mission – learning to love and respect myself… Although I understand the endlessness of this task. I see it as self-parenting. Have to be really patient!
I use dream imagery and subconscious hints to try to understand myself. That comes across very much in my new style. At the moment, I find it impossible to write songs that don’t contain elements of psychology or spirituality (depending on your viewpoint) in them. I find myself getting bored of songs about anything else these days, although I’m still happy to deliver them on stage.
I have a real love of nature. Truth is beauty, beauty is truth… and to me there is nothing more intrinsically true than the workings of the natural world, however complicated that may be.
We are nature, and we forget we are nature. I’m fascinated by the art of being human.

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